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The Condominium Market in Today’s Economy
Today’s economy has certainly had an impact on the condominium market, but perhaps it’s not what you think. With sales rebalancing towards normal levels, and rentals continuing to grow, demand for condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area remains stable. Developers have been cautious, but the success of some key projects in 2013, and the solid performances of the resale and rental condominium markets in the third quarter, should improve confidence. Growth appears to reflect a greater movement of younger households into the core. With many new condominium projects set for the Greater Toronto Area, how will this affect the market?

On November 20th, webinar participants heard what is driving the market in 2013 and beyond. Thank you to our speaker, Shaun Hildebrand. View presentation.

Shaun Hildebrand is Senior Vice President at URBANATION, a real estate market research firm focusing on the Toronto condominium market. Shaun and his team produce reports and provide consulting services for the areas of new construction, resale and rental industries.